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Posted on Saturday, Jun 29th, 2024

Join Us in Supporting Arch Reactor's Metalshop Fundraiser!

We're excited to announce our fundraiser for the Metalshop at Arch Reactor, happening now through Sunday, June 30th at noon!

This is your chance to contribute to the original St. Louis makerspace while scoring fantastic items.

Visit our auction page to bid on a wide range of gear and goodies:

Your participation helps us continue fostering creativity and innovation in our community. Thank you for your support!

 fundraiser for the Metalshop at Arch Reactor, happening now through Sunday, June 30th at noon!
fundraiser for the Metalshop at Arch Reactor, happening now through Sunday, June 30th at noon!



Posted on Friday, Mar 1st, 2024


Blue Star Decorated Pysanky Egg
Decorated at AR in 2023

Pysanky are Ukrainian Style Decorated Eggs.   Worked on whole, raw* chicken eggs using wax-resist batik methods with vibrant dyes, they are unique and beautiful.  

Please join us at Arch Reactor at one (or more) of our Six Public Workshops in March to learn this beautiful craft. 

Classes begin on Tuesday, March 12 and will conclude on Sunday, March 24.   Reserve your spot here.   You are welcome to register for multiple sessions. 

Please see the link above and/or the Arch Reactor Calendar for more information on Dates and Times.   

As this craft uses hot beeswax melted over live candle flames this is not a craft for small, excitable children, though many children have successfully decorated beautiful eggs.   Any young child decorating will need to be closely supervised and assisted by a parent who is Not decorating, please.

* eggs are decorated raw and whole and are sealed and drained as the last step


Posted on Friday, Oct 13th, 2023

Its that time of year that we celebrate our birthday. We'll provide the Cake // Ice Cream // Fire Pit // and Good Conversation. Come out and Hang out with us on Sunday Oct 22nd from 7pm to 10 pm. Check out the space, Ask Questions and enjoy a great Fall night with us as we celebrate 14 years of Making
2023 AR Fall open house

Posted on Tuesday, Oct 3rd, 2023

The Street Department has been working in front of Arch Reactor and they are currently, as of Tuesday, October 3, digging up the street in front of our driveway access. You WILL have driveway access for the October 4 monthly meeting (after 4pm-ish). You MAY have access to the driveway on Wednesday, but once they pour the concrete it will take Three Days to Cure. We were advised that we Cannot drive across the new concrete on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. We are told that if they hold the schedule, after noon on Sunday we are allowed to shift the barriers and drive across the new concrete into the parking lot.

For vehicles capable of "jumping the curb" and driving across relatively flat grass it will be possible to bypass the new concrete. Please be Careful! For anyone on a motorcycle, bicycle, or on foot, you should have easy access around the new concrete by either going across the grass or past AR and up the sidewalk.

We will be attending First Friday at the Science Center. For anyone interested in the 2600 Meeting, it may move to online-only because of this access issue.

Please watch Discord and/or This Space for more updates!

Posted on Thursday, Jul 20th, 2023

As the STL's First HackerSpace / MakerSpace, We want to invite our neighbors, area businesses, community memebers, and their family's to come visit our space and see what's possible.

Running from 4p to 9p on Saturday the 19th .We'll have Some Music, great conversation. Hotdogs to Roast and tea to Drink, Yard Games to Play, Tours of our space, pouring of Liquid Aliumium and of course Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream.


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